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Have you ever looked at an issue like ensuring equity for all transit (WG2), promoting diverse business enterprises (WG6), creating a stronger community, promoting racial healing, or starting a memorial garden and thought…

“If I had more time, I’d get involved in something like that.” Or, “I don’t know enough to add anything to the solution, and I wouldn’t know where to start.”


Connect & Propel Tampa 2019 was a community gathering with hundreds of diverse voices throughout Tampa Bay that came together for 2.5 days and discussed what we wanted for the future of Tampa. Twenty-one Workgroups and eight subgroups were formed to talk about what a positive future looks like and where we wanted to start working to make that a reality. These workgroups are on all topics from a vision for the City, to creating a canned foods and clothing drive for a community.

And, you can jump in and join a workgroup at any time!

Find Your Tribe

The graphic shows the categories with the workgroups assigned to them: 


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How much time is required?

You determine how much time you have to work on the project.

How do workgroups meet?

They meet in person and virtually.
See Event Calendar below.

Who can I ask if I have a question?

You can email Sherri Sutton at


Our community collaborates using ComNexus, a cloud-based Appreciative Inquiry Summit Collaboration Platform.

On ComNexus:

  • Workgroup Membership and Communication
  • Create, Upload and Store Documents
  • Organize with Tasks and Checklists
  • Calendar Events
  • Post and Share Success

Summit attendees were pre-registered before the summit and have received an email with login information.

For Summit attendees that were NOT pre-registered, simply go to ComNexus and select Create an Account.

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There are several ways to contribute:

  1. Through an online interview form
  2. Through scheduling a live conversation
  3. Through meeting up with us at an event.

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